Subtitle: Plato on honeymoon. It will soon be a year from now that Philipp and I spent a week in the middle of vineyards in the northeast of Portugal for our honeymoon. A wine region blessed with the powerful force of the sun and lush nature along the river Douro. We were lucky to get the chance to stay at the winery Covela of Tony Smith, journalist and media expert turned wine-maker.

It felt so good being offline for a week, hardly any input from the outside world, silence and focus on being here and now with eachother, with our dreams, our hopes, our fears and our common visions. Covela’s white wines and freshest fruits and vegetables for preparing the most simple yet delicate dinners.

IMG058_30There is this thing with Plato’s world of ideas and its projections onto the manifest world of substances. Well, call it the platonesque approach to honeymoon and marriage. The world of ideas during honeymoon and whatever gets manifest in real marriage life afterwards.

Looking at the photo of turquoise water under glittering heat I cannot help but think of Romy Schneider in her black bathing suit in the movie Swimming Pool. Anyway, Philipp not wearing a bathing suit.IMG044_16




Watching water drops in a fountain and blossoming flowers. The little zen details that matter. Why is zen practise so easy when you are on holiday, on your yoga mat or on gin tonics and so damn hard when working on deadlines and rushing through everyday life’s challenges?

“Shit! Another day at the pool.” became our ironic slogan for this magic time at this magic spot. I guess this is the Austrian humor kicking in – not being able to handle a certain amount of happiness. Philipp cutting through the soft liquid mirror of modern Portuguese architecture.








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