I am shooting with my Daddy’s analogue camera: Konica Hexar, a 35mm fixed-lens camera which was produced through the 1990s, basically at the time of my youth.

When he passed away in 2011, it suddenly came to me that the main way we had communicated with each other was through photography and music. Often late at night, he would come up with a song or a photograph and would make me listen or look – without many words.  He was not a man of many words, but a man who had travelled the world and had stories to tell. When he tried to be close, he simply came up with pictures and music, that was his channel, his language, his way to express himself. It took me most of my life to realise this.

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“I’ll be your mirror” by Lou Reed

Now I took over Daddy’s camera (and his collection of LPs by the way) and try to be close to him through his lens, letting him be part in our moments of travel and our moments of every day lives – capturing the magic stillness underlying life’s beauty and each moment. Pure and real. No photoshop. No filters. No nothing.

One of the main lessons learned from this dive into analogue photography is to see  beauty in honest reality rather than in the perfectionised mise-en-scène. My passion for human purity and connection lead me to scientific research in the field of “corporate vulnerability” regarding the way errors and mistakes are addressed in the internal and external communication.  Further information at http://www.claudia-novak.at.