Drawing another parallel between photography and the general challenge of life. All that quest for the right balance between dark and light. Talking Halloween, I am amazed by the level of excitement about symbols of evil and darkness. There clearly is something fascinating about that. My kids have this charming fling with their imagination of the evil. However, the line between real real evil and a creepy spooky evil does not really exist in their world.

Schlehdorf/ Bavaria 2019

….Still in the drafting process….this blog teaches me all about imperfection….meaning that something is still in a process of creation….not perfect, not finished yet….transparently under construction….will finish this within the next days….

How do you explain the kids that evil does not necessarily come with the images of halloween masks? That what looks clean and proper from the outside, like what they are taught to be considered good and the way it should be, can be way more evil than the most scary created monster. That evil can be disguised in Italian silk suits on Wall Street,…Mexican police man needing a bit of additional salary to pay the school fees for his daughter….police man not always good….thief not always evil….the many ambivalences…obedience, obeying to the then applicable moral rules and law rules has lead to the most cruel crimes in human history.





Aiming at the right balance between light and dark. Don’t we all have a natural longing for harmony, light and the constructive good within? And then every once in a while, this joy of destruction kicks in. In healthy doses this is part of the natural cycle of destruction and construction, Shiva’s cosmic dance.

All Saints’ Day tomorrow. This is to the stillness of final Shavasana, a state of light and love, I trust. A Slovak village just off the Tatra mountains, Sarajevo, at the foot of Etna and in Jerez della Frontera with the salty air of the Atlantic ocean.