While my man is working and stuck in the air-conditioned void of corporate meeting rooms, I cannot stop walking and getting spellbound by the intensity and beauty, the colours yet intensive yet mellow, soft and warm.

Cay tea and simits, sesame-encrusted bread rings – whenever, wherever you need a break. At some point a boat ride on the Bosporus seems to be the perfect moment to regain some tranquility and digest the many impressions. Philipp joins in. A cay tea inside. Outside the salty air.

Kadiköy, a lively district on the Asian side of town. It is getting dark and the market seems to go on forever. Fresh fish and fruits.

Istanbul used to be Daddy’s favourite city, back in the days, in the 1960s when the Bosporus, boundary between Asia and Europe, was the mekka of travelling souls dancing between the east and west. It was the first excursion with the Konica Hexar. Daddy’s favourite town with his lens. The moment when the Konica Hexar and I connected.

What on earth is happening to this magic place right now? I try not to let them destroy the beautiful pictures I have in my head. May they always prevail over the current destructive power of politics.

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