Our friend Alma lives in Bavaria with her Islandic horses, her dog Leni, some cats and a green bully. Barefeet from May till September, Alma teaches a way of horse-riding that is based on attentiveness and real connection between horse and human.

The region is known for the group of artists called Blauer Reiter (Blue Rider) that came here to paint at the beginning of last century. The light is so smooth here, especially when the sun is hidden and you get all shades of green, blue and grey covering you like a soft blanket.


Charlotte, 3 years of age, starts to get curious about my camera and wants to take photographs. It seems weird to her that you cannot see the picture on the camera after pressing the shutter button. No touch screen. No tool of instant gratification. Here we go, Charlotte’s first shot with the Konica Hexar. A moment too early or artistic purpose? She did not tell…